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How to use your own runtime implementations

There are situations in which the built-in functionality of OTX-Runtime is not enough or is undesirable. For example: To display the OTX screens (HMI Extension) not the built-in implementation (e.g. GenericScreen) should be used, the user wants to create the screens themselves, so that the GUI fits his corporate design. With the OTX-Runtime API the user can use its own implementations for the following OTX-Extensions:

To use an own implementation the user have to register some events. Each event is related to an OTX activity. E.g. to display an own ConfirmDialog, the ConfirmDialogOccurred event should be registered. If the event is registered, the OTX-Runtime does not do anything if the related activity is executed inside an OTX procedure, it only fires this event.

To use an own implementation do the following steps

  1. Register the related event

  2. Implement an event processing method

  3. To raise an event in the OTX-Runtime a method related to that event should be called

The following topics contains detailed instructions using own implementations.