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ECU Config describes the ECU variants, known as variant encoding. This could perhaps be achieved with the ECU Variants, see DIAG-LAYER CONTAINER, but then the number would rise from ECU VARIANTS unmanageable. ECU Variants are provided for the definition of true functional control of various unit types. The variant code is provided for country-specific adjustment or adaptation in terms of activation of certain functions and options. In the control unit only one set of flags to be adapted to unlock the corresponding functions.

This task is handled ECU Config. It enables country-specific settings, maps and unlock certain options by certain flags set simply and clearly described. Conversely, allowing the ECU Config also a reverse identification. If the diagnostic tester queries about ReadECUIdentification the control device identification, the runtime system could locate the tester included in the ECU Config description of the identification provided by the controller, the corresponding ODX record.

ECU-CONFIG Beschreibt die Konfiguration (Variantenkodierung) eines SteuergerätsECU-CONFIG Describes the configuration (version coding) of a control device

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