Open Test Framework  

A two-stage validation process is defined in OTX to ensure data consistency. First, validation against the XML schema. This is checked against the rules defined in the XML schema, such as syntax or cardinality. The scope of validation is always limited to a single document. Dependencies between documents are not resolved. Secondly, it is validated against standardized checker rules. Typically, semantic rules are defined in the checker rules, such as checking cross-document references. If both stages are passed successfully, a document is considered standard-compliant.

In the OTF, validation takes place automatically and contextually in the background during the development process. There is also full validation before execution and before creating a PTX or PPX. You can also validate manually in the solution explorer or error list.

Note: Background validation can have a major impact on the editing performance of the OTF, especially in large projects. Therefore, you can turn off the validation during development, see the switch in the Error List window at the top right.

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