Open Test Framework  
Player Project

With a player project an OTX based tester for quick and easy distribution of executable OTX sequences can be created without any programming knowledge. A player project can be executed inside the Open Test Player or together with the to OTX Runtime API.

A player project refers to one or more Procedure Projects or PTX files. A player project can contain pre-configured OTX Procedure Calls, see OtxProcedureCall Editor which can be structured for execution inside the Control Sequence Designer.

Inside the Player Monitor Editor the Procedure Calls can be bound to a graphical user interface (GUI), executable inside Open Test Player.

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Note: A player project or a PPX cannot be referenced by OtfProjectStructure_ProcedureProject, OtfProjectStructure_PlayerProject, or OtfProjectStructure_TestProject.

Note: A Player Project can be transported via a PTX File.

Note: A PPX can be executed via the OTX-Runtime API.


On the file system, a Player Project is a folder containing a project file and the following files and folders.

[Folder] or File Name Content
[ControlFile] Contains all the control files which can be used within the current player project.
[i18n] Contains i18n-Extension settings, such as multilingual text libraries; see project settings for more information.
[Logging] Contains Logging-Extension settings; see project settings for more information.
[OTX-Mapping] Contains OTX Mapping files for use with extensions like HMI, Measure, ExternalServiceProvider.
[PTX] Contains PTX libraries statically bound to the project.
[Quantity] Contains Quantity-Extension settings, such as ODX files with UNIT-SPECS; see Project Settings for more information.
ControlFile.otxCtrl Contains the procedure calls and the procedure sequence
ProjectName.playPrj Contains the project structure and all dependencies (mandatory)
ProjectName.playLay Contains the monitor layouts
ProjectName.playLst Contains the control file Contains all project settings for OTX runtime
MappingFileName1.otfMap Contains all information related to the OTX Mapping