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The release notes describe the most important changes since a specific version. Each version contains numerous small to medium changes (bugs, gaps, features), which are not listed here. The list provides users with an overview of the implemented changes.

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Note: The order of listed changes has no meaning.

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ID Change Type Tool Comment
Changes of 7.3 (09.11.2023)
15561 Loss of time after completing a procedure Gap OtxRuntime The gap is only related to the Default Custom Implementation (WpfScreen)
15333 Wrong DiagComException at GetDbComChannelDbConfigurationDatas BugFix DiagManager
15583 ExecuteHexDiagServiceFunctional provides empty response BugFix DiagManager
15459 The settings of the diagnostic runtime system cannot be changed. BugFix OTF Even with admin rights they cannot be changed
Changes of 7.2 (09.10.2023)
15450 Exception at CreatePipeRuntimeManager on .NET 6 BugFix OtxRuntime
15407 Problem with empty map within a structure Gap OtxRuntime
15473 DVG: No EcuVariantGroup assignment for ExecuteDiagService Gap OTF
15066 GetComChannelIdentifierFromResponse does not return the identifier Gap DiagManager Previously the BV was returned, which was not standard compliant, see ASAM CR_4629. Important : This is an incompatible change! If this term was used, the test logic must be adapted!
Changes of 7.1 (18.09.2023)
15354 New method CloseAllComChannels Feature DiagManager All open LogicalLinks (ComChannels) will be closed and all related resources are released, see CloseAllComChannels
15376 Error processing structures with enumerations BugFix OtxRuntime The error is only related to the Default Custom Implementation
15456 License key doesn't work BugFix DiagManager
15373 Error "Service not valid for execution anymore, since in the meantime, a variant has been selected." when calling GetComChannelFromComInterface BugFix DiagManager
Changes of 7.0 compared with 6.4 (07.09.2023)
12898 Extended DiagCom.GetComChannel behavior Feature DiagManager See GetComChannel Runtime Behavior
13478 Support of new Third-Party MVCI-Server Feature DiagManager Related to 12966, 15054
14123 OTF now completely based on DiagManager Feature OTF Now every third party MVCI-Server can be used for OTF
13916 New Runtime Settings Dialog in OTF/OTP Feature OTF, OTP See OTF Settings Runtime Environment, related to 13980
13657 Support of DiagValidationGroups (DVG) Feature OTF See Diag Validation Groups (DVG)
14568 DiagManager Monitor supports D-PDU API selection Feature DiagManager See DiagManager Sample Program
13988 New tool window "Runtime Environment" Feature OTF Displays the state of the OTX-Runtime and DiagManager during execution
12790 New tool window "Test Protocol" Feature OTF UnitTest explorer creates a protocol, which can be displayed and diffed
14571 New tool window "Profiler" Feature OTF Supports profiling of OTX execution at the target system
14132 DiagManager supports DiagLogging Feature DiagManager See DiagLogging
13100 Support of a limited view (designer) for specification Feature OTF For the specification of OTX test logic without programming knowledge
11770 New player project with new ControlFile support Feature OTF Replaces the old player project with playlists
11826 New OTXRuntimeConverter API Feature RuntimeConverter To convert (compile) PTX files outside the OTX Development Environment (Windows, Linux)
13356 Deliver OTF and OTP in 64-Bit Feature OTF, OTP Related to OTF, OTP, BuilderChecker, OtxHMTLScreen and OtxMappingEditor
13983 WebServer for the OTX HTML now delivered with with OTF installer Feature OTF A separate installation is no longer required
12792 New AdminData and specification for projects Feature OTF Stored inside the PTX file
15085 Correct the Inline-Mapping with FunctionalGroups Gap DiagManager
13963 Handling of empty ByteFieldLiteral Gap OtxRuntime
10514 Support OTX Quantity Runtime Gap OtxRuntime See OTX Quantities Extension
12922 Full support of BlackBox runtime Gap OtxRuntime
15358 Empty Enumeration Init-Value Problem BugFix OtxRuntime
14784 DeviceServiceOutParameter with OTX data type Enumeration problem BugFix OtxRuntime