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Terminate procedure prematurely More...

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- Public Attributes inherited from OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.Nodes.Node
System.Boolean disabled
 To turn on/off a node. A deactivated node is not executed at run time. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.UniversalTypes.NamedAndSpecified
ExtensibleData[] extendedData
 Declares general data for NamedAndSpecified which can be extented by new general data defined in new OTX extensions using the standardised extension mechanism. For example it can be used to specify specification relevant content in a better structured way. More...
OtxId id
 Unique identifier of an element More...
MetaData metaData
 Additional tool-specific data More...
OtxName name
 Name of an element More...
System.String specification
 Descriptive specification More...

Detailed Description

Terminate procedure prematurely

A Return node shall complete the execution of a Procedure immediately. Control will be passed back to the caller. Return nodes are allowed at any nesting depth. Return is a controlled jump with a well-defined jump target, namely the end of the Procedure. This ability of the Return node is helpful in situations where the Procedure execution should end prematurely because certain circumstances are met.

For the Parallel node, special semantics apply when Return is executed in parallel lanes.
// Local Declarations
String stringVar1;
Boolean Condition1 = true;
// Flow
if (Condition1)
stringVar1 = "I will never happen because of the Return";