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Detailed Description

Unique identifier of an element

The attribute value represents the unique identifier of a NamedAndSpecified element. The id uses the Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) as specified by URN Namespace. It is global unique among all other ids. The OtxId type is a pattern-restriction of the string simple type. The value space of the attribute is restricted by the regular expression "[a-zA-Z0-9\\\-\.\|:_#/]+", which allows the basic letters, numbers as well as a set of delimiters.

The id attribute is useful concerning versioning, differencing or concurrent editing of OTX documents. It facilitates traceability of changes that occurred in between different versions of an OTX document because an element can still be identified even after having been moved or changed thoroughly.

Concerning id value allocation, OTX authoring applications will provide the following: When a new NamedAndSpecified element is created, the application will generate and assign a unique id-value to the element's id attribute. After creation, applications will not alter id values anymore. An id will stay with its element as an inherent part as long as the element exists – it will not be changed even if the element is moved or the contents of the element are changed. For each copy of an element, a new unique id value will be generated and assigned to the copy. The allocation and handling of id values will happen automatically in the background. No user action is required. Id values cannot be edited by the user.

Checker rules
CheckerRule.Core_Chk058 - Unique OtxIds