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OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.UniversalTypes.OtxName Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Name of an OTX entity

In various places of the OTX data model, OtxName is used for naming entities like Signatures, Procedures or Validities as well as global and local declarations. Its counterpart OtxLink is used for referring to these named entities (document-internally or cross-documents). Both OtxName and OtxLink represent restrictions on the syntax of such names and references.

The simple type OtxName is derived from a string. The type restricts the value space of string by a regular expression pattern "_*[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*". As a consequence, an OtxName has to start with a letter (optionally preceded by any number of underscore characters); all following characters have to be alphanumeric. This guarantees and enforces a uniform naming scheme to which OTX authors shall obey.

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