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OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.Exceptions Namespace Reference

Error handling. More...


class  AmbiguousCallException
 Ambiguous call of a Procedure More...
class  ArithmeticException
 Exception fo arithmetic operations More...
class  ConcurrentModificationException
 Concurrent modification of a collection More...
class  Exception
 Base type for all exceptions More...
class  InvalidReferenceException
 Thrown if an invalid value is used More...
class  OutOfBoundsException
 Invalid access to an element More...
class  Throws
 List of checked exceptions More...
class  TypeMismatchException
 Wrong data type More...
class  UserException
 Exception which can be thrown by the user. More...

Detailed Description

Error handling.

Exceptions are complex data types that are all based on the common Exception type. They contain text and stack trace information that cannot be changed after the exception has been created.

There are two categories of exceptions:

In contrast to the UserException, implicit exceptions can not be created explicitly by the OTX autor; they are created implicitly by actions or terms when certain error conditions occur at runtime.

Exception and UserException are checked exceptions which should be handled by the OTX procedure.
Checker rules
Core.CheckerRule.Core_Chk017 – checked exceptions (1)
Core.CheckerRule.Core_Chk018 – checked exceptions (2)
See also
Terms.GetExceptionOriginatorNode, Terms.GetExceptionQualifier, Terms.GetExceptionText, Terms.GetStackTrace, Terms.UserExceptionCreate, Nodes.Node.CompoundNode.Handler