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namespace  Assertion
 Extension for simple unit tests
namespace  BlackBox
 Container data type for transporting data types unknown in OTX
namespace  BusMonitoring
 For asynchronous recording and analysis of bus data (frames) at runtime
namespace  ComInterface
 For access to the VCI at runtime, e.g. for DoIP
namespace  CommonDialogs
 For general, frequently used dialogs
namespace  DataType
 Support for user-defined data types Enumeration and Structure as well as resource handling
namespace  DateTime
 Returns information about the current date and time of the diagnostic application
namespace  DiagCom
 Communication with an ECU for off-board diagnostics
namespace  DiagComPlus
 Extension of the DiagCom Extension with additional functions for functional addressing and for ComChannel management
namespace  DiagConfiguration
 Enables changing diagnostic data during runtime
namespace  DiagDataBrowsing
 Allows browsing of diagnostic data at runtime
namespace  DiagDataBrowsingPlus
 Extension of the DiagDataBrowsing Extension with additional functions for reading out static diagnostic data
namespace  EcuConfiguration
 To support variant coding (ECU-CONFIG container in ODX)
namespace  EventHandling
 Library for event control in OTX
namespace  EventPlus
 Extension of the EventHandling Extension to support additional events, e.g. deep change monitoring
namespace  ExternalServiceProvider
 Universal interface (actions, terms, events and data types) for access to any external systems
namespace  File
 Read and write access to files
namespace  Flash
 Access to data for flash programming of ECUs
namespace  FlashPlus
 Extends the Flash extension for late-bound Flash files
namespace  HMI
 Interaction with the user via screens (GUI)
namespace  i18n
 Translation of strings, units and values for language and regional adjustment (internationalization)
namespace  Job
 Access to the job API of a standardized MVCI server
namespace  Logging
 Writing logging messages to a logging resource
namespace  Math
 Additional math functions
namespace  Measure
 General access to measurement and control systems (devices)
namespace  Persistence
 Persistent storage and restore values at runtime
namespace  Quantities
 Data type for handling float values with physical units
namespace  SOD
 Describes the next generation of diagnostic communication
namespace  SQL
 Read and write access to SQL databases
namespace  StateMachineProcedure
 State machine as an alternative to a sequence
namespace  StringUtil
 String manipulation operations
namespace  TestResultHandling
 Evaluation and structured storage of test results
namespace  UnitTest
 Ensuring OTX code quality via unit tests
namespace  Util
 Additional comfort functions
namespace  VehicleInfo
 Access to the VEHICLE-INFO-SPEC container in ODX
namespace  VWUtil
 Contains all potentially standardizable OTX elements (data types, actions and terms)
namespace  XML
 Read and write access to XML documents
namespace  ZipHandling
 Support for handling of ZIP containers

Detailed Description

OTX libraries (extensions)

All OTX extensions add specific functions to the Core, which is also capable of stand-alone execution, see Figure. In addition to extensions for vehicle diagnostics, HMI, and access to arbitrary external systems, there are numerous extensions that can map virtually any aspect for testing in the automotive industry.OTX is also readily expandable in compliance with standards.