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OpenTestSystem.Otx.Extensions.HMI Namespace Reference

Interaction with the user via screens (GUI) More...


namespace  Actions
 Lists all ActionRealisation extensions.
namespace  DataTypes
 Data types, see also Core data types.
namespace  Declarations
 Extension specific declarations
namespace  Exceptions
 Error handling.
namespace  Signatures
 Interface description (Signature)
namespace  Terms
 Lists all Terms.
namespace  Variables
 Variable Access.


class  CheckerRule
 Comprehensive checker rule listing, see also Core checker rules. More...

Detailed Description

Interaction with the user via screens (GUI)

The <b>Human Machine Interface (HMI)</b> extension provides access to data types, terms and actions for interacting with the user through the display of graphical screens, as well as through additional input and output devices such as keyboards etc.