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OpenTestSystem.Otx.Runtime.Api.Project.IPlayerProject Interface Reference

Contains Projects. More...


string Name [get]
 Gets PlayerProject name. More...
string PlayerLayoutPath [get]
 Gets Layout path. More...
string PlaylistPath [get]
 Gets Playlist path. More...
IProject[] Projects [get]
 Gets all Projects. More...
IProjectSettings ProjectSettings [get]
 Gets the Project Settings. More...
Dictionary< string, string > Settings [get, set]
 Gets or sets the Project Settings. More...
string Version [get]
 Gets PlayerProject version. More...

Detailed Description

Contains Projects.

Property Documentation

◆ Name

string OpenTestSystem.Otx.Runtime.Api.Project.IPlayerProject.Name

Gets PlayerProject name.

◆ PlayerLayoutPath

string OpenTestSystem.Otx.Runtime.Api.Project.IPlayerProject.PlayerLayoutPath

Gets Layout path.

◆ PlaylistPath

string OpenTestSystem.Otx.Runtime.Api.Project.IPlayerProject.PlaylistPath

Gets Playlist path.

◆ Projects

IProject [] OpenTestSystem.Otx.Runtime.Api.Project.IPlayerProject.Projects

Gets all Projects.

◆ ProjectSettings

IProjectSettings OpenTestSystem.Otx.Runtime.Api.Project.IPlayerProject.ProjectSettings

Gets the Project Settings.

As an alternative it is possible to handle the settings inside Settings.

◆ Settings

Dictionary<string, string> OpenTestSystem.Otx.Runtime.Api.Project.IPlayerProject.Settings

Gets or sets the Project Settings.

Gets or sets the Project Settings as a map of names and value pairs. The getter returns all settings. The setter sets only the name value pairs in the given map. The other settings will not be influenced. To improve the performance, it is recommended to set all to be changed setting in one map. As an alternative it is possible to handle the single settings inside ProjectSettings. This is more convenient and more type safe but slower than this property.

◆ Version

string OpenTestSystem.Otx.Runtime.Api.Project.IPlayerProject.Version

Gets PlayerProject version.

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