• Open Test Framework
  • OTX Runtime
  • Open Test Player
  • Overview
  • Testing with OTX to master complex systems in the automotive industry across process boundaries

    Open Test Framework

    Development environment for creating, visualizing and maintaining a new generation of tester applications. Without programming knowledge, ISO 13209 (OTX) compliant test sequences can be graphically created, tested and approved.

    Technical paper "OTX in practice":

    Technical paper "Barrier-free exchange of test sequences":

    Open Test Player

    Generic tester for easy distribution and execution of ISO 13209 (OTX) compliant test sequences.

    Open Test Runtime API

    Platform-independent runtime environment for OTX sequences according to ISO 13209. The programming interface for C++, DotNet and Java can be used in own applications under Windows, Linux and in embedded systems.

    OTX Tool Chain at a Glance

    For diagnostic communication, the OTX runtime works on the DiagManager, which is also available as a stand-alone library. The DiagManager enables the connection to the standardized diagnostic runtime system (MVCI according to ISO 22900, ODX). There are implementations for most of the known runtime systems from DSA, VW, Siemens and RA-Consulting. However, proprietary systems can also be used.

    With the development environment, OTX sequences are developed and distributed within a PTX file. In addition, a graphical user interface can be created with the Player Editor and distibuted as a PPX file.

    PTX files are ZIP archives. They contain all OTX documents and project settings. PTX files can be signed or encrypted.

    The OTX Runtime API is a easy to use programming interface in C++, DotNet and Java for executing OTX procedures within PTX files. The API is available for Windows and Linux.

    While the API is always in the process of the application, the OTX procedures can be executed independently in a separate process.

    The OTX Runtime is multi-instance capable and platform-independent. It runs under Windows, Linux, in embedded systems and also inside the vehicle.

    PPX files contain complete testers (players) including all needed PTX projects. They can be executed with the Open Test Player.

    The player is practically a generic interface for OTX sequences and thus a complete tester. It is completely based on the OTX Runtime API. It currently runs only under Windows. Implementations for Linux, iOS and Android are planned.