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Name Validation
Short Description OTX Validation data model
Class OTX Core
Pre-Conditions -
Specified by ISO 13209-2


To ensure data security and data quality a two-step validation process is defined in OTX

  1. Validation against the XML schema
    • Review against defined in the XML Schema rules (syntax, cardinality ...)
    • The scope of the validation is always limited a single document
    • Dependencies between documents are not resolved
  2. Validation against the standardized checker rules
    • Is only performed if step 1 was successfully completed
    • The second stage is for the rules that can not be tested with the schema validation
    • Here are typically semantic rules defined (eg reviewing document cross-references)
Validation to ensure data safety and data quality (OTX-Checker)

If both steps successfully, a document is considered to be standards compliant!

The validation is:

  • During the development process
  • Before executing a OTX document


Checker rules

Core_Chk001 Name of OTX document does not match the file name
Core_Chk002 The same document name within the same package
Core_Chk003 Dead import link
Core_Chk004 Imported document is not used
Core_Chk005 Not defined import prefix
Core_Chk006 Non-identical version of OTX
Core_Chk007 Missing specification
Core_Chk008 The main procedure is not public
Core_Chk009 No initialization available
Core_Chk010 Non-unique name within the procedure
Core_Chk011 Disabled item
Core_Chk012 Unavailable items
Core_Chk013 False validity-referencing
Core_Chk014 Wrong type of Locator variable in ForEach
Core_Chk015 No parallel in parallel
Core_Chk016 Exception already exists
Core_Chk017 Missing exception declaration
Core_Chk018 Missing catch section
Core_Chk019 Wrong type of exception
Core_Chk020 Wrong target by continue
Core_Chk021 Wrong target of break
Core_Chk022 Wrong area for TerminateLanes
Core_Chk023 The variable and value data types do not match in the allocation
Core_Chk024 Invalid procedure call
Core_Chk025 Missing procedure implementation
Core_Chk026 Unreachable code
Core_Chk027 Parameters are not the signature
Core_Chk028 Missing implementation
Core_Chk029 Arguments are not the parameters
Core_Chk030 Missing initial value
Core_Chk031 Incorrect data type (ListConcatenate)
Core_Chk032 Incorrect data type (ListAppendItems)
Core_Chk033 Incorrect data type (ListInsertItems)
Core_Chk034 Declaration error (initial value)
Core_Chk035 Incorrect data type (list item)
Core_Chk036 Incorrect data type (ListLiteral and ListCreate)
Core_Chk037 Incorrect data type (literal)
Core_Chk038 Incorrect data type (MapPutItem)
Core_Chk039 Incorrect data type (MapRemoveItems)
Core_Chk040 Incorrect data type (MapContainsKey)
Core_Chk041 Incorrect data type (MapContainsValue)
Core_Chk042 Incorrect data type (MapUnion)
Core_Chk043 Non-unique key (MapLiteral)
Core_Chk044 Declaration error (initial value in the key)
Core_Chk045 Declaration error (initial value in the value)
Core_Chk046 Incorrect data type (MapLiteral and MapCreate)
Core_Chk047 Incorrect data type (map-initial value)
Core_Chk048 Incorrect data type (MapLiteral)
Core_Chk049 Incorrect data type (compare)
Core_Chk050 Incorrect data type (reference to variable or constant)
Core_Chk051 Allocation conflict (constants, input parameters, or context variables)
Core_Chk052 Name conflict
Core_Chk053 Invalid reference
Core_Chk054 Unused declarations
Core_Chk055 Unreachable nodes
Core_Chk056 No modification of collection inside foreach-loops
Core_Chk057 No use of init in catch header exception type definition

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