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Name BlackBox
Short Description Boxing type
Class Complex Data Type
Base Data Type ComplexType
Default Value Empty
Provide a Literal No
SpecifiedBy ISO 13209-3
Standard Compliant Yes


A BlackBox is a boxing type. It serves as a transport or base data type which can help the OTX unknown types pass through the code layers.

Core Conversion

The following table shows the rules for conversion to another data type:

Conversion Result Sample
ToBoolean Returns the Boolean counterpart of the argument term Boolean b = ToBoolean(blackBoxVariable); // Returns true/false/TypeMismatchException
ToInteger Returns the Integer counterpart of the argument term Integer i = ToInteger(blackBoxVariable); // Returns integer value/TypeMismatchException
ToFloat Returns the Float counterpart of the argument term Float f = ToFloat(blackBoxVariable); // Returns float value/TypeMismatchException
ToString Returns the String counterpart of the argument term String s = ToString(blackBoxVariable); // Returns string value/TypeMismatchException
ToByteField Returns the ByteField counterpart of the argument term ByteField bf = ToByteField(blackBoxVariable); // Returns byteField value/TypeMismatchException


BlackBox.BlackBox BlackBoxVariable;