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Name FileSaveDialog
Short Description Opens a (runtime-specific) file selection dialog.
Class Action
Extension OTX CommonDialogs extension
Group -
Exceptions -
Checker Rules -
Standard Compliant Yes

OTL Syntax

CommonDialogs.FileSaveDialog(StringTerm message, StringTerm title, StringTerm initialPath, StringTerm extensions, BooleanTerm checkFileExists, StringVariable result);


The FileSaveDialog activity is used to open a (runtime-specific) file selection dialog. The user can select a file and click to accept the selection, or can close the dialog. The dialog can be configured using the optional elements to add a title and modify behavior.

The user can configure parts of the dialog behaviour, such as a title and message.


Name Data Type Class Default Cardinality Description
Message String Term - [0..1] The message to be displayed in the dialog to aid the user in their selection.
Title String Term - [0..1] The title to be displayed in the dialog.
InitialPath String Term - [0..1] The initial path to select.
Icons Note.png If a directory is specified, and it does not exist, or the user does not have sufficient access rights, the behaviour will be dictated by the runtime system.
Extensions String Term - [0..1] The optional (comma separated) list of extensions to filter in this dialog.
CheckFileExists Boolean Term - [0..1] The optional flag to determine if the dialog must check for the file before allowing the user to complete.
Result String Variable - [1..1] The selected file as a string.
Icons Note.png If no file is selected, the result will the empty string "".

OTL Examples

/// Local Declarations

String String1;

/// Flow

CommonDialogs.FileSaveDialog("This is the Message", "This is the Title", "file:///D:/ReadFile/abc.txt", "txt,zip,pnj", true, String1);

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