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Name StructureSignature
Short Description OTX StructureSignature data model
Class OTX Extension
Pre-Conditions -
Specified by ISO 13209-2


The StructureSignature is a specialisation of the OTX Core type otx:SignatureRealisation that adds additional interface description functionality along with the OTX Core type otx:ProcedureSignature. A StructureSignature represents the elements of a structure. Each element consists of an unique name and an arbitrary data type. The data type can be also a Structure. A structure cannot contain itself. In other words, circular dependencies of structures are not allowed. See Signature Concept.


  • Name
    Unique name throughout all global identifiers within the OTX document.
  • Specification
    Description of datatype signature
  • Visibility
    • Private
    • Packa­ge (Default)
    • Public
  • Elements
    Elements of a datatype signature, each element consists of a name, a data type and an optional default value.

Checker Rules