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Name GetComChannelEcuVariantName
Short Description Returns the name of the ECU variant associated
Class Term
Extension OTX DiagCom extension
Group ComChanel related terms
Exceptions -
Checker Rules -
Standard Compliant Yes

OTL Syntax

StringTerm DiagCom.GetComChannelEcuVariantName(ComChannelTerm comChannel);


The GetComChannelEcuVariantName term accepts a handle of a communication channel and returns the name of the ECU variant associated with that channel. For instance, this term can be used to determine the identified ECU variant after having used the IdentifyAndSelectVariant action. In case the base variant is selected, an empty string will be returned.

Icons Note.png In case a MVCI/ODX system is used the term will return the SHORT-NAME of the MCDDbEcuVariant associated with the logical link represented by the ComChannel.

Return Value

The Term returns the value, see table below.

Icons Note.png In OTX, Terms are categorized according to its return data type!
Data Type Description
String Returns the name of the ECU variant.


Name Data Type Class Default Cardinality Description
ComChannel ComChannel Term - [1] The ComChannelTerm yields the handle of the communication channel of which the identifier will be returned.

OTL Examples

/// Local Declarations

DiagCom.ComChannel ComChannel1;
String EcuVariantName1 = "";

/// Flow

ComChannel1 = DiagCom.GetComChannel("LL_EnginContrModul1UDS", "", false);
EcuVariantName1 = DiagCom.GetComChannelEcuVariantName(ComChannel1);

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