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Name Logging
Short Description Provides functionality which allows for explicitly writing log-messages to a logging-resource.
Class OTX Extension
Base Extension -
Pre-Conditions -
Specified by ISO 13209-3


The logging library provides functions that help one can write log messages in log-resources (log files). To filter the log messages called Severity and log levels are used.

The severity level assigned each log message, depending on the severity of a group, see table. The highest severity is FATAL and TRACE is the lowest.

Overview of the severity levels (grades)
Serverity Descrition
FATAL (Highest) Serious error which requires the immediate termination of the process.
ERROR Other runtime errors or unexpected conditions.
WARN Situations that are undesirable or unexpected, but not really wrong.
INFO Interesting runtime events.
DEBUG Detailed information on the flow through the sequence.
TRACE (Lowest) Even more detailed information.

The log level determines whether a message is written to the log resource or not. The following rule applies: If the log level is greater than or equal to the severity of the message is written the message, see table. Example: If the log level is set to ERROR, only messages with severity FATAL and ERROR are written to the log file. All other messages are ignored.

Overview of log levels (thresholds)
Serverity Descrition
OFF (Lowest) Logging is off, Nothing will be logged.
FATAL Messages with severity FATAL will be logged.
ERROR Messages with severity ERROR or above will be logged.
WARN Messages with severity WARN or above will be logged.
INFO Messages with severity INFO or above will be logged.
DEBUG Messages with severity DEBUG or above will be logged.
TRACE Messages with severity TRACE or above will be logged.
ALL (Highest) All messages will be logged (this is the default setting).

The log level is generally set within the drain system, but can also be adjusted by an activity within a process. Similarly, the name of the log file is configured in the execution system.



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