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Name StateVariable
Short Description Provides different status information to the environment
Class OTX Extension
Base Extension -
Pre-Conditions -
Specified by ISO 13209-3


Test sequences require a technique to provide different status information to the environment, e.g. progress of execution or currently selected ECU etc. This is the intension of state variables. State variables are the counter part of context variables. It's the mechanism to transport status information from inside a sequence to the environment, while context variables are the mechanism to transport environment information to the sequence.

Exclamation.png Important: State variables can only be set and cannot read inside OTX. In other words: The test logic shall not be based on the value of a State variable.
Exclamation.png Important: OTX documents declaring state variables should be connected to corresponding setting routines which can set the current value of the status in scope.
Icons Note.png For technical reasons, state:StateVariableDeclaration is defined as a sub type of otx:ContextVariableDeclaration. Regardless, state variables are not context variables. Statements about context variables do not automatically apply to state variables.
Icons Note.png Changes of a state variable shall be immediately reported to the runtime environment.

Checker Rules

StatVar_Chk001 State variables shall not read