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The reference provides instructions, solutions for possible questions and tips for using the Open Test Framework. Please select one of the main topics below for further information.


Overview At first glance
Main Features What you can expect
System Requirements What you need
First Steps Step by step tutorial for the first usage
Licensing Transparent software protection system
Release Notes Describes corrections, changes or enhancements
List of Folders Lists all folders used by the OTF

General information

Solutions and Projects Managing solutions, projects, and documents
Workflow Designer Graphical editing of OTX procedures
Expression Editor Editor to create OTX terms
OTL Editor Programming of OTX procedures with OTL
Player Editor Creating of stand alone executable testers
Execution of procedures Different possibilities to execute test sequences
Sharing of projects Deployment of test sequences (PTX files) and players (PPX files)
OTX Templates Quick and easy creation of user specific structured projects, documents and procedures
Version Control Integration of Tortoise-SVN in OTF
Diagnosic Runtime System Managages the communication between the diagnostic application and the ECU via a MVCI-Server
Lifecycle-Management Admin-Data (Release and Versioning)
Easy Mode (Test-Step Mode) Simplified mode for creation of test sequences using test modules
ODX Access Path Fix connection from OTX to ODX data
Literal Values OTF equivalent of OTX literals

Access to external systems (OTX Mapping)

Data Binding & Mapping General information
OTX Mapping Access to external systems
Generic-Screen Generic generation of screens only based on Screen Signatures
Old Screen-Mapping Obsoleted, please use OTX Mapping! Bounds properties of controls found in a form of an Windows Forms Binary.

Program settings

OTF Settings (Global) Settings which are related to the OTF
Solution Settings Settings which are related to the current solution
Project Settings Settings which are related to the selected project
Player Project Settings Settings which are related to the selected player project
Document Settings Settings which are related to the selected document
Validity Settings Settings which are related to the selected validity
Signature Settings Settings which are related to the selected signature
Declaration Settings Settings which are related to the selected declaration
Procedure Settings Settings which are related to the selected procedure

Program menu and windows

Ribbon (Menu Bar) Main OTF commands and settings grouped by functionality
Toolbox All OTX activities and player controls grouped by categories
Start Page Central entry point
Solution Overview Page Displays OTX solution in simple layouts
Solution Explorer Displays the OTX solution in a detailed hierarchy structure
Declarations Explorer Allows to view and manage all declarations of the current document
Overview Window Displays the entire current workflow in a small size for navigation
Specification Window Allows to view and edit the specification of the selected element
OTX (XML) Window Displays the OTX (XML) code of the selected element in workflow
Meta-Data Window Allows to modify the Meta-Data of the selected element in the solution or in a workflow
Properties Window Central window to edit properties
Output Window Displays all output information from OTF
Error List Displays the results of the constant validation
Trace Window Displays the the communication and variables trace
Search && Replace Window to search and replace OTX objects
Search Results Window Displays all matches found
Watch Window Allows to display and change the value of monitored elements during a debug session
Status Bar Displays and edit central state information