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  • Run standardized test procedures on any target system

    Open Test Runtime API

    The Open Test Runtime API is a programming interface for the simple execution of OTX procedures in own applications. It works independently even without the development environment and is available for Windows, Linux and Embedded Linux. It has extensive possibilities for seamless integration into existing systems and infrastructures.

    The application areas of the Open Test Runtime API range from the simple execution of PTX files through the integration in test benches of different manufacturers to the complete and seamless integration of OTX into your own applications.

    Design and Interfaces

    To run OTX procedures in own applications, the Open Test Runtime API can be integrated. For Windows operating systems, the API is available in DotNet, Java and COM and for Linux in Java. Implementations for iOS and Android are planned.

    The API is always in the process of the application. It is an interface for the runtime environment OTX Runtime, see picture. The OTX Runtime is multi-instance capable and exists in its own process. The communication between the API and the OTX Runtime will established via an IP-based remote interface. The OTX runtime does not need to be on the same system as the API.

    The OTX runtime environment is available in DotNet and Java. It is stable, performant and also runs on embedded systems.

    Seamless integration

    The Open Test Runtime API provides an event-based interface to handle all OTX communication with external systems through proprietary implementations. For example, the management of the OTX screens (HMI) can be completely transferred to the application in order to adapt the screens to their own design (for example for a dash board). Furthermore any proprietary function which is not available in OTX (e. g. KL 15 state) can be controlled out of OTX.

    The integration can also be implemented independently of the target system via the OTX-Mapping.

    Technical Data

    The Open Test Runtime API has been running for many years in numerous production environments of vehicle manufactures under Windows, Linux and in embedded systems. Furthermore, it is an integral part of upcoming testers inside the vehicle.

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