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Name Float
Short Description 64-bit floating-point number with sign
Class Simple Data Type
Base Data Type SimpleType
Default Value 0.0
Provide a Literal Yes
SpecifiedBy ISO 13209-2
Standard Compliant Yes


The Float data type identifies OTX in a 64-bit floating-point number with sign according to IEEE 754: 1985, range of values is double(± 5.0 × 10 -324 to ± 1.7 × 10 308 with a precision 15-16 digits).

Core Conversion

The following table shows the rules for conversion to another data type:

Conversion Result Sample
ToBoolean Returns false if 0.0, otherwise true Boolean b = ToBoolean(123.456); // Returns true
ToInteger Returns the integer part (the digits to the left of the decimal point – truncation) Integer i = ToInteger(123.456); // Returns 123
ToFloat Returns the copy of the value Float f = ToFloat(123.456); // Returns 123.456
ToString Returns the value in decimal string representation String s = ToString(123.456); // Returns "123.456"
ToByteField Returns the 64-bit double precision encoded value according to [IEEE 754:2008] ByteField bf = ToByteField(123.456); // Returns 405EDD2F1A9FBE77


Float FloatVariable;