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Name Response
Short Description A handle to a response object
Class Complex Data Type
Base Data Type Message
Default Value Empty
Provide a Literal No
SpecifiedBy ISO 13209-3
Standard Compliant Yes


A Response is a handle to a response object of a diagnostic service’s result.

Icons Note.png In case of a MVCI/ODX based system a Response handle represents a MCDResponseobject.

Core Conversion

The following table shows the rules for conversion to another data type:

Conversion Result Sample
ToBoolean Undefined (should not be used)
ToInteger Undefined (should not be used)
ToFloat Undefined (should not be used)
ToString Returns the value of the Response object Response response (51 01); String s = ToString(responseVariable); // Returns "51 01"
ToByteField Undefined (should not be used)


DiagCom.Response ResponseVariable;