Open Test Framework  
Validity Settings

In the Validity - Settings dialog box, you can view and configure the properties of a validity (see the image below). To access the settings dialog box of a validity, please right click on the corresponding validity node in the Solution Explorer and select Properties menu entry, or just double click on the validity node.

The Validity - Settings" dialog box consists of the following controls:

  • The Name text box:
    Here you can change the name of the declaration.

    Note that the name should conform to the OTX Naming Conventions and the name must be unique throughout all global identifiers defined in the same OTX document.

    - Description (or "Specification") area:
    Here you can set the description for the declaration. Hover the mouse over the validity in the Solution Explorer, you will see that description as a tooltip. The description is optional, you can skip it.
  • The Visibility radio buttons (only for global constants and context variables):
    Here you can set the Visibility attribute for the declaration.
  • The Condition text box:
    You can input the condition value directly in the text box, or you can open the supported Expression Editor by clicking on the " ... " button to compose a Boolean expression.