Open Test Framework  

The solution is just a container for related projects. It consists of one or more projects. It helps to group related projects together.

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Note: OTF automatically generates a solution when a new project is created.

Note: A complete solution can be exported as a ZIP file for distribution, see Solution (root node).

Note: A complete solution can be graphically displayed inside an overview page, see Solution Overview Page.

Solution Structure

The solution contains all projects inside a folder with the name of the project. It contains the solution settings in two files. The file with the extension otfSln organizes projects and saves solution settings. The file with the otfSuo extension stores user-specific settings, such as breakpoints, recently opened files etc. A project folder can be saved completely in a ZIP archive for exchange.

On the file system, a Procedure Project is a folder containing a project file and the following files and folders:

[Folder] or File Name Content
[ProjectName] Contains a project, e.g. of type Procedure Project
NameOfSolution.otfSln Contains the project structure and all dependencies (mandatory)
NameOfSolution.otfSuo Contains temporary project settings like break points etc. (optional)

Note: The otfSuo file can be deleted. Only user-specific settings are lost. In the unlikely event that a project folder can no longer be opened, deleting this file is usually sufficient.