Open Test Framework  
Unit Test Project

A Test Project is like a normal Procedure Project, but only for OTX Unit-Tests. It contains the Test Procedures to protect OTX Procedures against the expected behavior. A Test Project can only executed in a special environment like the OTF Test Explorer and the stand-alone TestExecution application, but not inside the OTX-Runtime API.

A test project refers to one or more Procedure Projects.

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Note: It is a design goal to separate the Unit-Tests from the test logic. Therefore test projects or PUX files cannot be referenced by another projects (Procedure Project, OtfProjectStructure_PlayerProject, or OtfProjectStructure_TestProject) and cannot be executed with the OTX-Runtime API.

Note: A Test Project can be transported via a PTX File.

Note: A PUX file contains all referenced PTX files and can be executed-stand alone.


On the file system, a Tester Project has the same structure like a Procedure Project.