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Unit Test Project Settings

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A Test Procedure Project contains one or more Procedure Projects as PTX files. A test procedure project has almost the same settings as a Procedure Project. Only the deviations are described below.

  1. General settings
  2. Test Context
  3. External Applications settings
  4. Resources settings
  5. References settings
  6. Logging settings
  7. i18n settings
  8. Quantities settings

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Important: The test procedure project settings apply to all included projects. Any settings in the included PTX files will be overwritten.

Note: Project settings can be accessed by right-clicking on the corresponding project node in the Solution Explorer and select Properties.

Note: Changes in the project settings can not be reverted by undoing. The changes are written directly to the corresponding file.

Test Context

A test context describes a specific test environment. Environment-specific settings can be set using an OTX Mapping file. One or more test contexts can be defined for each project. During execution, the project is executed once per defined test context. All OneTimeSetup or OneTimeTearDown procedures are executed exactly once for each test context.

For example, the same test project can be executed for different versions of the diagnostic runtime system. Within the OpenTestSystem.Otx.Extensions.UnitTest.TestProcedures.oneTimeSetupProcedure "OneTimeSetup" procedure, various diagnostic runtime systems can be selected and configured via the External Service Provider extension and the ExternalServiceProvider-Mapping.

With the buttons Add and Delete a new test context can be added or the selected test context can be deleted.