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Open Test Sequence Exchange Format (OTX) according to ISO 13209 More...


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Detailed Description

Open Test Sequence Exchange Format (OTX) according to ISO 13209

The OTX (Open Test sequence exchange) standard according to ISO 13209 is a domain-specific language (DSL) for the reliable description of exchangeable and executable testing logic in the automobile industry. Diagnostics sequences can be created graphically and simultaneously described in sufficient detail so the same testing logic can be executed in any of various target environments, without barriers. The standard is mature and comprehensive enough to replace existing solutions in development, production and the workshop. Possible uses for OTX range from describing simple functional tests in development to start up procedures in production to fully generic tester applications with guided troubleshooting in customer service. OTX is open and stable as well as platform and technology-neutral. A highly simplified example shown in Figure above illustrates an use case example for various target systems based on a setup procedure for calibrating tire pressure sensors. First the sensor ID for various environments has to be input. In production this is automated via the test system, in development it is done manually using a code scanner. What exactly will be executed in the respective environment is parametrized in the context mapping. Next the input value is validated. If the value is plausible, a routine for calibrating the sensors is started. Subsequently the state of this routine is monitored and shown in parallel. The various environments are parametrized in the screen mapping. In production, representation is on a screen in the test system, while a generic OTX tester is used in development and the vehicle's infotainment system is used in the workshop. In the end the result is determined, logged, and output.