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OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core Namespace Reference

OTX base library More...


namespace  Actions
 Lists all ActionRealisation extensions defined in the Core.
namespace  DataTypes
 Data types determine the value range of declarations.
namespace  Declarations
 General declarations
namespace  Exceptions
 Error handling.
namespace  Nodes
 OTX sequence (Flow) and nodes (Node)
namespace  Signatures
 Interface description (Signature)
namespace  Terms
 Lists all Terms defined in the Core.
namespace  UniversalTypes
 Commonly used types
namespace  Variables
 Variable Access.


class  CheckerRule
 Comprehensive checker rule listing More...
class  Import
 References to other OTX documents More...
class  Otx
 Document root More...
class  Procedure
 Executable part of an OTX document More...
class  Validity
 Boolean expressions to determine validity of elements More...


enum class  Visibility { PRIVATE , PACKAGE , PUBLIC }
 Visibility of global elements More...

Detailed Description

OTX base library

The core library contains all activities for the general program logic, such as procedure calls, assignments, branches, loops, activities for parallel execution, and error handling. All OTX extensions add specific functions to the core, which is also capable of stand-alone execution, see Figure. In addition to extensions for vehicle diagnostics, HMI, and access to arbitrary external systems, there are numerous extensions that can map virtually any aspect for testing in the automotive industry.OTX is also readily expandable in compliance with standards.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Visibility

Visibility of global elements

In OTX, global elements such as procedures, signatures, global constants, context variables, state variables, document variables or validity terms are marked by a visibility attribute. Its value determines whether other documents may use the marked entity or not (e.g. call a procedure, use a validity term or read a global constant, etc.).

Default Value

The associated entity is accessible only by the same document. This means that the entity is invisible for all other OTX documents (Default).


The associated entity is accessible only by OTX documents belonging to the same package like the local document. This means that the entity is invisible for all OTX documents belonging to other packages. The following example should clarify the visibility: Procedure1 with visibility "Package" exists in package "MyPackage1". Procedure2 existing in package MyPackage1.MyPackage11 cannot call Procedure1.


The associated entity is accessible by any other OTX document.