Open Test Framework  
Project Structure

In order to be able to work with the OTF, knowledge of the project structure is important. The project or solution structure is the first entry into the OTF. A project is part of a solution and the Solution Explorer is the tool to manage everything related to the project structure.

  • Solution
    A solution contains one or more of the following project types.

An project includes all files and settings that are necessary for OTX. OTX projects are executable and can be redistributed. Individual OTX files cannot do this. OTX projects can refer to each other. Several OTX projects are combined in a so-called Solution Structure. The Solution Explorer is the central entry point in the development environment. The Solution Explorer displays all OTX elements like projects, packages, @refs OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.Otx "documents", imports, global declarations, procedures, procedure parameters and local declarations in a hierarchical tree structure. The Solution Explorer has an integrated version control. A Solution Structure will be loaded, can be edited and it consists of one or more projects of different types.

There are the following project types:

  • Procedure Project
    Main project type for OTX documents and procedures (PTX)
  • Unit Test Project
    Project type for OTX unit tests to protect the OTX procedures against the expected behavior (PUX)
  • Player Project
    Project type to create Player projects for the fast and easy distribution of executable OTX projects (PPX)

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