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Public Attributes

SignatureRealisation realisation
 Reference to child signature type, e.g. ProcedureSignature, ScreenSignature. More...
Visibility visibility
 Visibility for access from outside the document More...
- Public Attributes inherited from OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.UniversalTypes.NamedAndSpecified
ExtensibleData[] extendedData
 Declares general data for NamedAndSpecified which can be extented by new general data defined in new OTX extensions using the standardised extension mechanism. For example it can be used to specify specification relevant content in a better structured way. More...
OtxId id
 Unique identifier of an element More...
MetaData metaData
 Additional tool-specific data More...
OtxName name
 Name of an element More...
System.String specification
 Descriptive specification More...

Detailed Description

Interface description (Signature)

A Signature describes an interface. It consists of a name, a set of parameters as well as a specification. A signature is only at run time dynamically bound to the corresponding object. A ProcedureSignature is like a Procedure without implementation. A ScreenSignature describes the input and output variables of a window (screen).

Member Data Documentation

◆ realisation

SignatureRealisation OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.Signatures.Signature.realisation

Reference to child signature type, e.g. ProcedureSignature, ScreenSignature.

SignatureRealisation is an abstract type. This means that for the realisation element, a concrete child of SignatureRealisation must be chosen. In the OTX Core, there is only one child available, namely ProcedureSignature. OTX extensions may derive further child types, e.g. the ScreenSignature in the HMI extensions.

◆ visibility

Visibility OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.Signatures.Signature.visibility

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