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OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.Nodes.Node Class Reference

Abstract base type for all OTX nodes More...

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class  Action
 Action node More...
class  CompoundNode
 Compound nodes More...
class  EndNode
 End nodes. More...

Public Attributes

System.Boolean disabled
 To turn on/off a node. A deactivated node is not executed at run time. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.UniversalTypes.NamedAndSpecified
ExtensibleData[] extendedData
 Declares general data for NamedAndSpecified which can be extented by new general data defined in new OTX extensions using the standardised extension mechanism. For example it can be used to specify specification relevant content in a better structured way. More...
OtxId id
 Unique identifier of an element More...
MetaData metaData
 Additional tool-specific data More...
OtxName name
 Name of an element More...
NamedAndSpecifiedSpecification[] specification
 Descriptive specification More...

Detailed Description

Abstract base type for all OTX nodes

OTX nodes represent a single steps in the program flow of a procedure. A Node can be atomic or compound. An atomic node is a single steps containing no further embedded flows. At runtime, atomic nodes will be executed as one monolithic unit. All EndNode's are atomic nodes, e.g. Return, Continue, Break, TerminateLanes or Throw. In general, the Action node is also atomic, but there are exceptions depending on the ActionRealisation. For example a ProcedureCall is not atomic. CompoundNode's contains of one or more embedded flows recursively, e.g. Group, Loop, Branch, Parallel, MutexGroup or Handler. To execute these compound nodes, their inner flows will be executed step by step as well.

There is an abstract base type Node which contains all features common to all nodes. All compound nodes are derived from the abstract type CompoundNode. All other nodes are in general atomic nodes (implicitly). Furthermore there is an abstract sub-classification EndNode for nodes that can only be used at the end of a node sequence. The Action node has a special role. It can contain ActionRealisations.

Member Data Documentation

◆ disabled

System.Boolean OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.Nodes.Node.disabled

To turn on/off a node. A deactivated node is not executed at run time.