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Public Attributes

ActionRealisation[] realisation
 Realisation of an action More...
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System.Boolean disabled
 To turn on/off a node. A deactivated node is not executed at run time. More...
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ExtensibleData[] extendedData
 Declares general data for NamedAndSpecified which can be extented by new general data defined in new OTX extensions using the standardised extension mechanism. For example it can be used to specify specification relevant content in a better structured way. More...
OtxId id
 Unique identifier of an element More...
MetaData metaData
 Additional tool-specific data More...
OtxName name
 Name of an element More...
NamedAndSpecifiedSpecification[] specification
 Descriptive specification More...

Detailed Description

Action node

An Action node is a simple node in a Flow (cf. "single-line statement"). The runtime behaviour of an Action node can be customized for different contexts by applying Validities. A context-specific behaviour can be configured by choosing one out of a list of available ActionRealisations defined by the OTX Core or any OTX extension. Action nodes are in general to be treated as atomic, but there are exceptions depending on the ActionRealisation type. Exceptions are especially emphasized in the specification for the particular type of ActionRealisation.

Action nodes play a central role concerning the extensibility of the OTX data model.
ActionRealisation realisation1 [validFor OtxLink validFor];
ActionRealisation realisation2 [validFor OtxLink validFor];
ActionRealisation realisationN [validFor OtxLink validFor];
// Validities
private validity Validity1 = true;
// Global Declarations
public procedure main()
// Local Declarations
Boolean BooleanResult = false;
// Flow
// Action with two realizations
BooleanResult = NaN == NaN validFor Validity1;
BooleanResult = false;

Member Data Documentation

◆ realisation

ActionRealisation [] OpenTestSystem.Otx.Core.Nodes.Node.Action.realisation

Realisation of an action

The realisation is the counterpart of the specification element for an Action node. In an action node, multiple realisation elements are allowed. At runtime, the validity of each realisation will be evaluated one by one (in the order of appearance in the OTX document). The first valid element found will be executed. Following realisations are ignored. The behaviour of the finally executed realisation element is determined by the assigned ActionRealisation, e.g. ProcedureCall, Assignment ListInsertItems etc.

As long as no realisation element is set, an Action node has no runtime semantics which means that it will be skipped during execution (NOP).